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Laptop & PC Repairs

At Cablelink IT Solutions, we take pride in breathing new life into your computer. Having customers leave with their mission-critical work files intact, and their priceless photos and memories recovered brings joy to our team of technicians and staff. We understand that accidents can happen, and that not everything is covered by warranty, which will end at some time. That’s why we’re here to help. Our trusted experts, with years of experience in providing professional service, and exceptional technical expertise, will lengthen the life of your equipment and preserve your valuable data, so you can focus on the more important things in life.

Installations & Upgrades

Still running on Windows XP and need an upgrade? Not sure if you should upgrade to Windows 10? PC not as fats as it was when new? Have your kids downloaded one too many games and its become gloated? Need to restricted your staff’s access to core features of your laptop or PC? At Cablelink IT Solutions we help in all aspects of your IT problems and software needs – be it software (virus removal, malware etc) or RAM upgrades for better performance handling or a fresh re-format or even a secondary hard drive for storage.

IT Consultancy

Cablelink IT Solutions can help you with all your IT needs. If you’re a home office and need to setup a room or garage to run your office we can help you decide on all aspects of your IT needs from hardware, software and networking. Are you a small business with more than 5 people and need network switches, shared storage, shared printing, remote access to your files for your staff or emails from on their smartphone, tablet or from home? Come talk to us to discuss all you IT hardware and software needs. Our consultant will take the time to discuss your requirements and provide a plan of action.

Data Recovery

Cable IT Solutions provides data recovery services from your laptop or pc hardrive(s). We also recover data from your thumbnail drive, your camera storage media or even your phones expandable media card. We run and test your devices and recover the most important data such as files and pictures. We can undertake data recovery from 1 gig to terabytes of data if required.  The most common reasons for data recovery are due to deleted files or re-formatted harddrives. The less common but more difficult data recovery will be due to hard drive failures or physical damage (eg dropped hardrives/laptops).

Laptop & PC Repairs

Computers, laptops, PCs and Macs are complex machines, easy to use when all is working fine, but potentially confusing when something goes wrong. Common faults include power supply issues, motherboard faults, damaged and cracked screens, missing keyboard keycaps, liquid damage, forgotten passwords, viruses and malware, hacking, and lost or accidentally deleted files and data.

We’re here to help. If there’s something wrong with your computer, we’ll take care of you.

At Cablelink IT Solutions, we’ll examine your machine thoroughly for faults, and provide you with a plan of action and transparent pricing. With us, there are never any hidden surprises. Come in today, and see how we can help you.

Knowledge - Effort - Outcome

At Cablelink IT Solutions we are guided by our three main repair principles ‘Knowledge – Effort – Outcome’. That’s why we take our time and assess all problems first – be it hardware or software – then provide you with an action plan moving forward. What may seem to be a simple power charging issue could in actual fact be a motherboard failure, a flickering screen could turn out to be a graphics card issue. In many cases problems are obvious but many are not. Hence we take some time note down your concerns but we also make a detailed assessment ourselves. We’ll keep you informed of our findings and the proposed outcome and get an agreement before proceeding.

Basic Trouble Shooting

When it comes to technology, sometimes the best solution is to start it again. Power the device down, let it rest, then turn it back on. If that works and the problem is gone then congratulations. If the problem returns and keeps re-occurring then it may be time to come see us at Cablelink IT Solutions.

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IT Maintenance & Care

Just like vehicles, your IT hardware and infrastructure can reliably serve you and your business for many years to come, with regular service, maintenance, cleaning, correct operation and handling. Maintenance and service ensures that your equipment lasts well beyond its 12 month warranty. At Cablelink IT Solutions, we provide maintenance plans and professional advice to improve the life expectancy, and lengthen the lifespan of your IT infrastructure.

Contact us to discuss how a maintenance plan can help your business.

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