New Hardware

Laptops and desktops are our specialty. With a diverse range of new laptop and desktop computers, as well as the option to custom-build your own system, you’ll find a system to match your needs here. We also sell a wide variety of hardware, including CPUs, RAM, motherboards, graphics cards, hard drives and much, much more.

Refurbished HW

If you aren’t looking for a new system, or you need a second system for the kids, or a laptop to throw in the boot as you travel around town, our refurbished laptops, desktops and all-in-ones of excellent quality will give you peace of mind at a great price. All refurbished machines are rejuvenated and fully tested by our service department, which can also give your aging machine a boost with upgrading.



In need of a new operation system, or want to roll back Windows? We sell and install genuine Microsoft Windows and Apple operating systems for your PC or Mac laptop, desktop or all-in-one. We have all the software you need, from applications and antivirus to Microsoft Office suites. Avoid hours of frustration with drivers, updates and installers. Cablelink will take the hassle out of your busy life.

Cables & Peripherals

We specialise in cables- it’s in our name. In search of cables? Look nowhere else for power cables, audio, display and video cables, peripheral connection, USB, headphone jack cables and more. Looking for quality peripherals and hardware? With a wide range of keyboards, mice, converters, modems, routers, switches, printers, card readers, hubs, microphones and much more, we’ll have what you need. Special orders are also available.

Custom Builds

Need a system with a bit more grunt? More CPU speed for quicker processing? More RAM for those memory intensive video rendering applications? A high-end graphics card to support 3 or more monitors? More space to implement RAID across your hard drives? A precision monitor for colour clarity or the quickest response rate for gaming? Our dedicated team of technicians can build to your specifications. Call us now to discuss your requirements.

All The Right Hardware

It can be tough knowing which CPU is compatible with which motherboard with which RAM with which SSD with which PC case. All those numbers and names. AMD vs Intel? Socket 1150, 1151, 2011? Full ATX vs mini-ATX vs micro ATX? 4 cores vs 8? RAM Speed vs Processor Speed? Over clocking? It can become so complicated. Let Cablelink IT Solutions explain things in simple clear terms. Call us today.

Laptops...Which to Choose?

With such a huge range of latops from many reputable companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Asus; it can be hard to decide which laptop to choose. Complicating this decision more is form factor; thin, touch screen, detachable, expandable? Which OS; Mac OS, Windows OS, Chrome OS, Linux?

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Printers & Ink

Printers these days are much like our mobile phones – getting smaller and performing more functions. The choices are getting more and more difficult. Gone are the days of just choosing between black n white or colour. Today, we need to consider inkjet vs laser, single function vs multi-function, usb vs network vs wireless network printing. Then what type of ink or toner doe sit take? How much will it print? How much does it cost to replace? Can i get refill ink? Call us today to discuss your needs.

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